A heartwarming story from one of our readers.

You know, when you go through a traumatic experience, it may appear the event in question happened a very long time ago. This is probably because you want to forget all about that unpleasant incident, so your mind pushes it into a pretty distant place. This is exactly what happened to me after a fire outbreak burned my house to the ground. This unfortunate incident happened in May 2011. I remember clearly that it was the week of the Boston Marathon bombing and the West TX explosion, but it seems it happened over five years ago. It is possible that the stress I had to go through since then has rather distorted my sense of time. I had to cope with countless insurance matters, rebuilding the house, meetings with contractors and listing of personal property. This is probably why it seems the incident happened a very long time ago.
You know, sometimes it is hard to know what to do after a house fire. However, life goes on, and life must go on. In my own case, I have taken some positive steps to move on with my life. Actually, the fire damage was so great that it completely destroyed my former house. This occurred just two days before it was to go on the market so I was planning to sell the house already. I was also ready to make some changes to my life even before the fire. The thing is that the fire must have pushed me to make radical changes, and this is perfectly understandable. Now, I have to admit that there are times I had doubts because change is one thing many human beings cannot cope with easily. For a start, the house was quite big, and I loved the space. Now, I live in a much smaller place but that is okay. The new place is also closer to the city center, so that is another advantage.
In case you want to know, there are changes but I am coping quite well. Yes, I miss my big and beautiful house, and I wish my new place was bigger than it is but I am generally happy with it. Of course, the new place is about one thousand square feet smaller than the former house but I have managed to squeeze my things and myself into the place. I am adjusting very well and so are my dogs. I am also happy to report that this new place has a bit of character. The new house is about my age, it has some “wrinkles”, but that is okay. I actually like living in an older Austin neighborhood these days. I can go downtown in ten minutes or less. I have discovered some new shops, and I have made some new friends. I also get to meet more neighbors, so things are pretty good here.
I am not the only one who has adjusted to life down here. My dogs are happy here and the timid one Rosie really seems to love it here. Maybe the former house was too big and had too much space. She definitely seems to prefer the smaller space here. In any case, many people walk their dogs past this house so our dogs have fun barking at them. I have also adopted a cat and one of my dogs truly loves the cat. My daughter Sarah and my son Jacob are happy too. They have adjusted to life here and they are more mature than they were before the fire.  Life has been pretty busy since the fire but I think we have all adjusted well.  I still think about the fire but I try not to do that too often. There is only one thing to do after a house fire and that is to move on. The insurance repair company we worked with, Paradise Construction, was amazing and really helped us in the process. All things considered, I can say that we have certainly moved on and we have been able to cope very well.
This entry was posted on October 17, 2015.